LILJEVALCHS: HEMSLÖJDEN. Exhibition identity - complete with embroided typography - for the Handicraft exhibition.

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Liljevalchs gallery is Sweden’s first independent and public art gallery of contemporary art and opened in 1916. One of the first exhibitions was the renowned handicraft exhibition in 1917, which gave birth to some of Sweden’s most prominent designers such as Carl Malmsten and Gunnar Asplund. In 2012 Liljevalchs chose to exhibit “Swedish Handicraft 100 Years” which celebrated the Swedish handicraft 100 years back until today. This visual identity was created and carried out in exhibition design, catalogues, advertisement and more.
Art direction & Design – Jens Nilsson
Case & type photography – Jens Nilsson
Photos in the catalogue – Mattias Lindbäck
Created while working at Snask.