MALMÖ FESTIVAL 2014. Art direction for the "world’s largest poster" for Scandinavia's largest city festival.

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In 2014 Scandinavia's largest city festival celebrated 30 years of festivities. The grand party took place in August and roughly 1.4 million people visited the festival over 8 consecutive days. To celebrate the festivals aniversiry in style the largest physical graphic identity the world had ever seen was created: a gigantic physical art installation measuring 13×8 meters! The installation was interaction-friendly and visitors could jump, climb, or just plain chill on it. 2014’s graphic identity for Malmöfestivalen has been featured in hundreds of articles around the world – AdWeek, Creative Review, HOW Design and many more. The praise from visitors in the streets and from the global creative community has exceeded all expectations and the identity won an silver egg in the Swedish communication competition Guldägget.
Art direction & Design – Jens Nilsson
Case photography – Nils Bergendahl & Anders Sipinen
Craftsman – Ali Atié
Created while working at Snask
Created while working at Snask