PANGPANG. Packaging for a caribbean beer series for Sweden's #1 microbrewery.

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By the age of 23, oddball Fredrik Tunedal tattooed PangPang on his knuckles to celebrate his founding of PangPang Brewery – Sweden’s #1 microbrewery. The brewery has a passion for hand-brewed beers and in 2014 he wanted to release a summer beer series. The concept was built around an exotic tiki theme and the beers was named Libertango, Bamboleo, FlaminGo-Go and Tiki Tango. The labels have an (intentionally) semi wordart type style with a clear pastel color as the identity key stone for each flavour. Tiki Tango and FlaminGo-Go is today Fredriks 2 main best sellers.
Art Direction & Design – Jens Nilsson
Case photography – Jens Nilsson
Created while working at Snask