VÄG. Logotype, identity and album cover for the swedish rock band Väg, formerly known as Road.

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The singer in a rock band sold his band to Snask at 04.30 at an after party for $3.000 with the condition that band name as well as their style of music could be changed. The day after the singer changed his mind but Snask had his signature in blood. To be fair a record label (Snask Recordings) was started and signed them with the same conditions. The identity of the band digged deep into a 70's visual style and went all in on a classic flower power logotype. The logotype was developed into a psychedelic pattern/animations that was used for backdrops and screenings in live shows.
Art direction & Design – Jens Nilsson
Case photography – Jens Nilsson
Record cover photography – Axel Engström
Live concert photo credits – Design Indaba
Created while working at Snask