YAY Festival. Identity & photo concepts for the Scandinavian creative festival Yay.

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YAY Festival is a collaboration between Snask and Grandins Flying Circus and started in 2013. The idea was to create a festival with the combination of inspiring and entertaining talks, live music and a spectacular after party. The identity was built around a clean and friendly circular symbol/logotype together with a wild and crazy handpainted water color typography. The "jungle graveyard" photo concept was created with loads of palm leafs, mud and smoke and was executed as an art piece used as a background imagery for all the communication areas. Some of the speakers of the festivals has been Aaron James Draplin, Lotta Lundgren, Jessica Walsh, Maddox and James Victore.
Art direction & Design – Jens Nilsson
Case & Still life photography – Jens Nilsson
Still life photo assistance – Richard Gray
A collaboration with – Grandins Flying Circus
Created while working at Snask